Driveshaft Phasing & Its Importance

You’ve just received your BIT or DOT inspection paperwork and recap from Managed Mobile’s recent visit.  One of the notes that grabs your attention states, “Driveshaft/Intermediate Shaft Out of Phase/Misaligned,”

Regular Transmission Services

Most people understand the importance of regular oil changes but regrettably stop short of performing the other necessary preventative maintenance services. One of the vital services Managed Mobile offers is

Timely Correction of Small Repairs

Timely Correction of Small Repairs The image below shows what happens when a wheel seal leak is left unrepaired – brake shoes, drums, and wheel seals all need to be

Changes to the Smoke Opacity Program

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) is currently proposing changes which will impact businesses involved in logistics and trucking. The three main proposals are: Lowering the opacity limit, Periodic Smoke

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Storage and Handling

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Storage and Handling Our mission at Managed Mobile is Safe, Compliant and Reliable Fleets. Diesel Exhaust Fluid, or DEF, is essential to the reliable operation of

New 2016 CHP B.I.T. Regulations For Commercial Trucks

The California State Legislature has passed AB 529 revamping the CHP’s commercial truck safety program commonly referred to as the B.I.T. or Basic Inspection of Terminals program.  The biggest change impacting

Managed Mobile Opens Sacramento Location

Managed Mobile is pleased to announce the opening of our new Sacramento location. Due to growing customer demand in the Sacramento area for Managed Mobile’s on-site preventative maintenance and repair

DPF Filter Cleaning

Did you know that all 2007 and newer diesel trucks have an exhaust filter or DPF that needs periodic cleaning?  Taking care of those dirty DPFs is becoming a regular part of the preventative

Are You Ready for CSA 2010? Time Is Running Out!

Ready?? You may even be asking, “What is CSA 2010?” Whether you are prepared and just want to “DOT” the I’s and cross the T’s, or you are scrambling and

California Air Resources Board Regulations Phase For Small Fleets

One of the issues constantly on the minds of our customers is the green house gas regulations affecting the trucking industry from the California Air Resources Board. For small fleets