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Preventive repair services from Managed Mobile include regular and routine repairs. Services also include pro-active scheduled parts replacement aimed at preventing or minimizing unplanned downtime and expenses from equipment failure.


The traditional model for fleet maintenance was based on a program that included preventative maintenance such as oil changes, lubrication services, bumper to bumper vehicle safety inspections (BIT or DOT), and then roadside or shop repairs when vehicle components broke or failed between PM intervals.  This model worked effectively for decades as solid PM programs identified defects that were fixed immediately before the vehicle went back on the road.  However, most commercial fleets still experienced a lot of unexpected breakdowns and repairs that were costly and disruptive to business.

Managed Mobile takes advantage of the benefits of technology. Managed Mobile employs a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to monitor and track in detail every vehicle in a client’s fleet. Our CMMS allows us to accurately monitor and track PM services for every serviceable component on a vehicle. Further, with the VMRS coding system (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards), our CMMS allows Managed Mobile to analyze repair and maintenance trend reports for every client’s fleet, or, a specific year/make/model/component for a specific vehicle. This enables us to identify many repairs that should be made on a time or mileage basis rather than waiting until the part/component fails

Accurate fleet maintenance data, coupled with timely maintenance and repair action, will help assure your fleet is safe, compliant, and reliable.


Preventive repairs are based on predictive data for failure rates on specific vehicle components.  For example, data from Managed Mobile’s asset maintenance software database may show that regardless of vehicle age or visual condition, the water pump on a 2012 Freightliner M2 consistently fails between 175,000 and 195,000 miles.  Given this data on dozens or even hundreds of the same vehicle, many fleets have opted to start replacing components as scheduled preventive repairs, rather than risk the high cost and disruption of unexpected breakdowns.

Preventive repair can be very complex, especially for companies with large fleets. That’s why our approach requires careful planning and scheduling of maintenance before there is an actual problem. Our software system also helps us keep accurate records of past inspections and PM reports. For this reason, many clients rely on us to organize and carry out all of their preventive maintenance needs based on specific cost guidelines. A properly crafted preventative repair program for your fleet will incorporate recommendations for predictive repairs when appropriate.  Managed Mobile leverages a culture of teamwork, training, and technology to track vehicle data and implement preventative repairs in order to deliver a safe, compliant, and reliable fleet for our clients.


All the necessary PM services for your fleet are identified in a Fleet Service Plan™ (FSP) from Managed Mobile.  This is your path to a safe, compliant, and reliable fleet.  A FSP is a customized program which matches managed maintenance services according to the use and application of your vehicles and the cost parameters of your budget.  The components of an effective FSP include preventative maintenance (PM), BIT Inspections, DOT Inspections, Smoke Opacity Testing (PSIP), Repair services, and emergency after-hours roadside service.  Both Preventative Repair and Preventative Maintenance are essential for your fleet. Once we craft an FSP for your fleet, Managed Mobile’s fleet professionals manage the maintenance for your vehicles leveraging a culture of teamwork, training, and the latest in fleet maintenance technology.

Managed Mobile combines timely and consistent service intervals with quality brand name lubricants and filter products to assure your fleet is well maintained. Your FSP covers a wide variety of makes and models for trucks, trailers, transport refrigeration units, generators, compressors, construction equipment, and more. Services are performed in compliance with OEM specifications and are backed by Managed Mobile’s service warranty and commitment to quality and professionalism. On-site preventative maintenance services are available 6 days a week to eliminate downtime for routine maintenance. Your Preventative maintenance (PM) services include:

  • Oil and Filter Changes
  • Complete Chassis Lubrication and Fluid Top Off
  • Customized PM Inspections (“A,” “B,” or “C” Services),
  • BIT Inspection
  • DOT Inspection
  • Transmission/Differential Services
  • Coolant/Radiator System Maintenance
  • Tire Maintenance
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Lift Gate Service and Inspection
  • Diesel Smoke Testing – Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP)


Managed Mobile proactively monitors and tracks every PM service based on time, mileage, or both.  We employ an enterprise level, asset maintenance management software program which utilizes Vehicle Maintenance Repair Standard (VMRS) coding.  VMRS coding ensures that every filter, every fluid change, and every inspection is being “micro-managed” and that your vehicles receive the service they need, when they need it.

Proactive tracking, management, and performance of PM services translates to fewer roadside breakdowns, unexpected problems between service intervals, and other costly repairs.  Managed Mobile will set up PM service intervals for your fleet based on the use and application of your vehicles.  Typically, vehicles are inspected at least once every 90 days to ensure compliance with State (BIT) or Federal (DOT) Inspection programs and receive oil change and lubrication services required by time, mileage, or hours as required by vehicle manufacturers.

Perhaps best of all, Managed Mobile can schedule regular PM services for your fleet during down time, when your business isn’t utilizing your vehicles.  We schedule services from early morning (6AM) to late afternoon/evenings during weekdays and even on Saturdays.  Managed Mobile’s service window scheduling availability is extremely flexible in order to accommodate virtually every client’s schedule and allows us to minimize or eliminate vehicle downtime for routine scheduled PM services.  Our clients love this flexibility as it allows them to keep their trucks on the road and taking care of their clients!

We are the superior brand for mobile fleet maintenance, roadside assistance, truck inspections, truck repair, and preventative maintenance in California and Nevada. We currently provide service to more than 650 commercial fleets in Los Angeles County, Orange County, the Inland Empire (San Bernardino, Riverside Counties), Sacramento and San Diego in California, Las Vegas, Houston, Texas and our newest location in Dallas / Fort Worth.


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