This year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will be placing an emphasis on wheel ends during International Roadcheck 2022, taking place May 17-19. Before your fleet hits the road next week, it’s a good idea to give your vehicles a thorough once-over on all wheel-end related parts, systems, and components (and other frequently cited areas, such as lighting). Gathered here is a list of maintenance management strategies to help prepare fleets for this year’s Roadcheck, with tips and guides to help avoid costly penalties and downtime.

Roadcheck 2022 to focus on wheel ends

The results of Roadcheck 2021 showed that brake systems took the top spot for violations in North America, accounting for 26.5% of all truck out-of-service conditions. Brake adjustments rated as the fourth highest violation last year, accounting for 12.4% of all violations. For an in-depth dive into the numbers behind last year’s Roadcheck, and the specific wheel-end components that will be targeted this year, check out this article to see what should be anticipated during this year’s 72-hour blitz.

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