The results are in from the CVSA Brake Safety Day on May 26, 2021.  In the US alone, there were 8,658 inspections conducted resulting in 13.3% of vehicles being placed out of service; that’s 1,151 vehicles removed from service due to brake violations!  The focus of this year’s Brake Safety Day was on brake hoses and chaffing.  On that, the US reported 1,288 violations were found specifically related to chaffing hoses/tubing.

Brake Safety Week is rapidly coming up on August 22 – 28, 2021 and continues on the same focus on brake hoses and tubing.  Preventative maintenance and inspections are vital to prevent these types of safety violations.  Make sure your fleet safe, compliant and reliable by having regular periodic inspections and addressing defects/issues immediately before they result in a breakdown or taken out of service.

By: Raymond Tang
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